The Nagual Fathers

In the beginning there was only an atmosphere of energy as potential place to seed into awareness. The four Anunaki world builders focused on this assemblage point descending as activators. These are the Nagual fathers. Each was a pure representative of the four elements used to create the Earth as we know: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. The Nagual fathers used all elements to seed the Earth. To assist in this particular world building they manifested through their sorcery "will" a Nagual son to lead each lineage. With all in place, the Nagual fathers left the new Earth to develop into awareness.


The Creation of The Lineages

The four Nagual fathers charged the assemblage point of that ball that was now to become the Earth as we know it. As emissaries from Spirit, these four use their intention to swirl the powers into a combined mass. The outward blackness of the void spirals into the tube of light. The shadow and light mix and repel, push and pull, steam forms from the meeting of water and fire and the separation of earth and air. A balance of powers from the Naguals of dark meeting the Naguals of light.


The Rise of The Lineages

Each Nagual son took up the task of seeding this new planet with their particular specialty. The Air Lineage brought the fuel extreme.
The Fire Lineage gave the heat of passion. The Water Lineage brought life. The Earth Lineage manifested stone for the Pyramids. Each Lineage grew their specialties: water through wood, air through abstraction, fire through metal, earth through stone/soil. These Nagual Lineages stayed separate for eons to fine tune their seeding. They remained in purity.


The Peace

The four Lineages, under the oversight of the Nagual fathers, under Spirit intention, remained separate, yet unified in their creation of this world. They float at the center of the calendar of the Toltecs. The stone carving of the cycle of time. The heart extraction platform for Sun, Moon and Earth continuation. A time of rest. A time of completion. A time of real peace. When the fruits of the Toltec Lineages could be enjoyed. It was the time of Art and Beauty.
A civilization overseen by the Quetzalcoatls.


The Breaking of The Lineages

Much time passes. The four separate Nagual Lineages begin to blend. There is contamination. The air is pierced by Earth made ships of rocket and plane. The water is hit by fire lava and comet.
The blending occurs everywhere. Purity is gone. Decisions are muted. The Lineages are open for corruption.
There is a break. There is a luke warm opening for "flyers".


The Coming of The “Flyers”

Darkness filled in the void left by the luke warm virus. The Earth became infested. Inorganic entities arrived to feed on the Earth's awareness. The Lineages became controlled by the "flyer minds". Great seeing, great art, great civilizations formed by air, wood, stone, metal... all under attack.
The human was given the attached "flyer mind". They emphasized fear and greed. They locked themselves in self importance. They forgot beauty. They were no longer perceivers.
They were no longer human.



The Re-Activation

In order to save the awareness of planet Earth, the four Nagual sons reactivate the original purpose of seeding this place. The pure Tolteca Lineages strive to rebuild the Earth. The tainted specialties regroup as separate but unified in their intention: to extract the "flyer control" that occurred thousands of years previous. The four Lineages come into a unified field of intention.
So begins the rebuilding.


The Second Peace

All the Lineages are unified. They meet at the domes of the Naguals. These floating domes are the protected atmosphere to foster
true Seeing. These dreaming spaces were used to revitalize
the Earth. The "flyer" attack that has consumed the Earth's band awareness was gone after thousands of years. The Nagual domes were centered in Earth power spots that could collect the radiant energy of the landscape. Creativity in Sound and Vision
has returned.


The Purification

It is decided by the Lineages to sacrifice one member from each of the four Nagual Quetzalcoatl Lineages. They enter into the field of the "fire within" and thereby mediate from sky to Earth from fire to water. This purification is enacted at four cardinal global points around the Globe. The Earth is purified of "flyer" distortion.


The Leaving

The Nagual Lineages are complete. Purity and balance between dark and light are returned to Earth. Many Naguals enter into the seventh realm of those worlds surrounding the density that is the fifth world: Earth as we walk upon. The lighter density of the seventh realm is the place where Naguals become Anunaki or world builders. They become the builders, planet overseers, "ultimate artists".